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TonyProst at wrote:
> There is, I recall, a translation of the Bible, the name of which I cannot
> recall. ("Cornpone?" Something homey.) Made in the 50's I believe, it is done
> in Southern Dialect, and uses Southern place and personal names to evoke
> rather than translate.
> If anyone has a copy of this, you might check his usage of the 2nd person
> plural, first to see if it is consitently used for the Greek 2nd person
> plural, and second to see if it scientifically follows Southern usage.
It's called the Cottonpatch Version (of only, I believe, the Gospel's
and the Epistles) by Clarence Jordan (whose biography, _The Cottonpatch
Evidence_ is worth reading). I can't tell you anything about the idiom
used for 2nd pers. plurals. But I do recall that Peter is given the name
of Rock Johnson.

Jeffrey Gibson
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