septuagint - how many times agape (english) appears

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Hatch and Redpath's Concordance to the Septuagint is available at an
incredible discount through Christian Book Distributors (I think that
their web site is, but I'm not sure).  It includes
a Hebrew/Aramaic index to view how various Hebrew words are rendered into

According to Liddell/Scott, AGAPH as a noun first appears in the LXX, and
seems to be most used in Jewish and Christian literature (both canonical
and non-canonical).  Outside of Judeo-Christian literature, the earliest
citation of AGAPH in Liddell/Scott is in a second century BC papyrus
fragment.  AGAPHSIS (affection) is cited as early as the fourth century
BC, and AGAPAW (the verb form) is even used once in Homer (eight century

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Vince Setterholm

On Mon, 12 Oct 1998 22:5:12 "Robert E Sackett" <sackett at>
>I can not figuare out how to find agape in the Septuagint.  Is there 
>aconcordance for it????  I'm trying to find when the word agape first 
>into use in greek.
>Bob Sackett
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