septuagint - how many times agape (english) appears

lakr lakr at
Tue Oct 13 11:51:01 EDT 1998

> I can not figuare out how to find agape in the Septuagint.  Is there 
> aconcordance for it????  I'm trying to find when the word agape first came 
> into use in greek.
> Thanks 
> Bob Sackett

Bob, I did a quick (and probably inaccurate) search for AGAPH in the LXX.
I find 88 hits, but did not attempt to account for all inflections.

The first one I find is in Ge 22:2, where the masoretic text has the word
)HBT (ahav) and the Greek text has HGAPHSAS.

Larry Kruper

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