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Mon Oct 12 15:48:35 EDT 1998

	I just wish the Bibleworks interface was as
	intuitive and easy to use as Logos.

	Don Elbourne

Version 4.0 contains a Graphical search interface, but it took a short while
for it to become intuitive to me. I will see to it that your comment on the
interface gets to the developers. I have occasionally heard comments that
undertanding the interface is something like trying to understand the
controls on a new car.

For those who are interested, Bibleworks 4.0 is scheduled for release in
January, 1999. In addition to the UBS4-NA27 (AGNT2 morphology) and Rahlf's,
the new Greek versions are:

Robinson-Pierpoint Majority Text (1995) with morphological tags.
Westcott and Hort.
Scrivener with morphological tags.
Stephanus with morphological tags.
A combined GNT-LXX morphological tagging "version" to enable GNT-LXX
cross-searching with a single search.
They also added about 30-40 versions in various languages like Dutch,
Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Russian, Creole, Indonesian and other languages
I will likely never use.

The search engine is expanded to include multiple version searching, such
Give me all verses where word W1 (or syntactical construct S1) occurs with
morphology M1 AND one or more of these other versions do NOT contain word W2
(or syntactical construct S2) with morphology M1.

It looks cryptic but it is useful in a quick search to see how 22 different
translations/versions translate Greek word W1 without using English word W2.

It is my understanding that the market price will go up for version 4.0. If
you want Bibleworks, it will be cheaper to obtain the current version 3.5
for the clearance price of $200 and pay the upgrade fee rather than to await
the release of 4.0 and pay the higher price.

Wes Williams

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