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On  9 Oct 98 at 11:36, Jim West wrote:

> You will want to look at the Greek course offered by our own Jonathan Robie.
> It is quite brilliant and absolutely thorough. I am sure he will gladly
> provide you with the URL.
> I have my own introductory Greek course available online as well- though I
> blush to mention it....
> Nevertheless- you can find it at
> just follow the online course link and you will eventually stumble upon it.

Actually, I have a page on the Greek NT as part of my Recommended New Testament 
Web Resources,  including a section on Learning NT Greek with links to 
Jonathan's sites and Jim's.  While I am mentioning this, I would be grateful if 
any b-greekers could let me know of any important resources I have missed.  The 
main site address is:

And the page dealing specifically with Greek is at:

Thanks for any help.

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