1 Cor. 2:13

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It occurs to me that I did not provide much in the way of syntactical
information on how I rendered my translation.

SUGKRINONTES is an adverbial participle of means.  It relates back to
EIDWMEN (we may know).  I t answers the question "How will we know?" "By
means of interpreting..."  

PNEUMATIKA is a Plural Substantive Adjective in the Accusative Case
functioning as a Direct Object.  It semantically parallels the object of
EIDWMEN, "the things given us by God." 

PNEUMATIKOIS is a Plural Substantive Adjective, Dative of Means.  It
semantically parallels the "words taught by the Spirit".

Hope this clarifies where I'm coming from.
God Bless,

On Thu, 8 Oct 1998 23:42:43 -0400 "Stephen P. Donahue"
<sdonahue at moonstar.com> writes:
>I am currently studying through 1 Corinthians and 2:13 is puzzling me. 
> The
>is, to what does this refer?  Can this be determined from the grammar? 
> I
>have been unable to arrive at any adequate conclusions.   I would
>appreciate any help from those more adept than I regarding this 
>Please excuse any errors in presenting this to list as it is my first 
>on b-greek.  I thank you.
>Stephen Donahue
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