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A solid, basic introduction to biblical genres is Fee and Stuart's *How to
Read the Bible for All It's Worth*.  It extensively discusses the
differences between the basic genres--letter, narrative, prophecy, law,
poetry, etc.  It does not discuss the finer genre distinctions that are
currently being studied--for example, is 2 Timothy a personal paranaetic
letter, or an epistolary testament?  They do discuss basic exegetical
procedures: in fact, I find Fee and Stuart's discussion of exegesis in *How
to Read* more helpful than their expanded discussions in *NT Exegesis* and
*OT Exegesis*, respectively.

Fee and Stuart are solidly Evangelical.  There's a slightly more mainstream
introduction by--I *think*--Hayes and Holliday, I'm not as familiar with
this one.  My recollection is that their approach was similar to Fee and
Stuart's in most respects.

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