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Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at
Mon Oct 5 11:42:34 EDT 1998

At 10:10 AM -0500 10/5/98, Bill Combs wrote:
>I notice that Accordance lists APWLLUNTW in 1 Cor 10:9 as a middle rather
>than a passive. I assume this is an error. Does anyone know how to contact
>the appropriate person to report problems like this (if it is one)?
>Bill Combs
>Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

Actually it reads APWLLUNTO, doesn't it (imperfect middle, not imperative
active)? I don't really see what the problem is here: the alternatives are
active APOLLUMI and middle APOLLUMAI. I don't think there's a distinct
passive form of the verb, even if the middle voice is understood in a
passive sense. The middle really means "go to ruin," "go to waste," Lat.

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