The Greek word(s) for "homosexual?"

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An off b-greek comment but, although your passive/dominant distinction is held by 
Louw-Nida, it would be offensive to some gays. Also I'm also not convinced
Louw-Nida are right to say "this distinction is observed in many languages". 
Like which? That would require a very high level of social acceptance and awareness 
for third party commentators (like Paul) to be able to/wish to make a distinction.
In Asian languages any such distinction is usually based solely on outward appearance.

MALAKOS - Moulton and Milligan cite the musician Zenobius (P.Hib.1.54.11 c.BCE245)
I think this papyrus is on Perseus so you can check the context. (Of course he may just
have been a maligned cabaret artiste EN MALAKOIS HMFIESMENOS...)

ARSENOKOITHS - I don't think we need to assume Paul made up any words but the
unmistakeable LXX ref. is Lev18:22 KAI META ARSENOS OU KOIMHSQHSH KOITHN

Be aware that there are other non-NT Greek words as well, KADHSIM, TELISKOMENOS
in LXX, ARRENOMIKTHS, PORNOS LSJ. But not in LSJ, pace Louw-Nida, KUWN.
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