The Greek word(s) for "homosexual?"

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at
Sat Oct 3 10:12:11 EDT 1998

I very much regret even having to make the following declaration on-list,
as I should think that B-Greek Netiquette standards are well-enough
understood. I do make it, however, in view of the fact that those standards
have been violated already in this thread.

Regarding this inquiry and the thread it has engendered, be it noted:

(1) There is abundant discussion of this matter in the B-Greek archives at
sunsite, particularly under the word-headings of MALAKOS and ARSENOKOITHS.

(2) While there is no reason why the subject-matter and the precise meaning
of the Greek words in question should not be discussed on list,
participants are expected, regardless of their personal views regarding
homosexuality, to focus their comments on the lexical and interpretative
matters in question and to respect the openness of this forum and the
imperative for civility of discourse in our exchanges.

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