Pauline Authorship of Hebrews

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>I would like to ask a naive question and I hope it has not already been
>covered. Is it really proper to say that Paul did NOT author Hebrews? The
>author was evidently in Italy at the time of writing (13:24). Paul was
>imprisoned twice. The author was also an associate of Timothy. In 13:23, the
>author writes "Take note that our brother Timothy has been released, with
>whom, if he comes quite soon, I shall see you." This seems to indicate that
>the writer was expecting an early release from prison and hoped to accompany
>Timothy, who had also been imprisoned but who had already been released.
>This would suggest the first imprisonment, the final year of which is
>suggested to be 61 C.E.

I think that this discussion long ago departed from the scope of biblical
Greek. The discussion has shifted into a discussion of historical
argumentation. A b-greek discussioni might be justified on the basis of
stylistics, rhetoric, etc. Did Luke translate a Hebrew Pauline letter? A
linguistic discussioni would compare the language and rhetoric of Luke-Acts
and Hebrews [to conclude that Luke did not write Hebrews or teranslate it,

I think this thread has long run its course--or belongs on a different
discussion table.


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