Phillipians 2:1 PNEUMATOS - Big S or little S?

John R Russell johnrrus at
Fri Oct 2 11:00:02 EDT 1998

I am currently working on this phrase for my ThM thesis.  The deciding
factor for me that it refers to the Holy Spirit is 2 Cor. 13:13 (2 Cor.
13:14 in English texts). The pharse there reads:  H KOINWNIA TOU AGIOU

In my study so far, only William Hendriksen holds that the genitive is
adjectival.  The debate centers around whether the genitive is subjective
or objective.  My questions on this phrase mostly lie in the use of the
genitive.  Some suggest that it can be understood as both subjective and
objective at the same time.  I would be interested in your responses to
this possibility.

John R. Russell
ThM student
Baptist Bible Seminary

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