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At 12:28 PM 6/14/98 -0400, Jim West wrote:
>At 04:29 AM 6/13/98 -0400, David Palmer wrote:
>>I would like to see any of you translate Mark 2:23, particularly HRXANTO
KAI EGENETO and it came to pass
AUTON he (hey, why is this accusative?)
EN TOIS SABBASIN on the sabbath - the form is plural, but this is a common
way of saying "on the sabbath", and the plural is just an idiom
PARAPOREUESQAI DIA TWN SPORIMWN, was passing through the grainfields,
KAI hOI MAQHTAI AUTOU and his disciples
hODON POIEIN "to make their way"
TILLONTES TOUS STACUAS (while) plucking the heads of grain

Zerwick says that hODON POEIESQAI is a classical Greek idiom that means "to
make a path".

I'm a little confused by PARAPOREUESQAI="to pass by" mixed with
DIA="through". "he was passing by through the grainfields"? Is he going
through passing by? And there's some reason for AUTON to be accusative, I'm
sure I should remember it, but I just don't.



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