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>        Hi Eric
>        I've heard the below mentioned interpretation below,
>        with supporting reference from counting the uses of
>        OURANOS in 2Peter 3:5~13, and hence to the time travel
>        idea for Paul (is this influenced also by E=mc2?)
>        However.... given the context of IICo12:2 is related
>        to the more traditional Jewish faction in 11:22~23
>        maybe we should look to more traditional Jewish
>        sources for Paul's language rather than attempt to
>        fit the words into 2Peter.
>        EWS TRITOU OURANOU has a wealth of refs in BAGD,
>        of which the most relevant is Apoc Moses 37 where
>        TRITOS OURANOS and PARADEISOS are linked. This is
>        a related to a theme of Jewish apocalyptic literature
>        where "tours of heaven" were so popular that most of
>        the famous OT figures got given the trip courtesy of
>        archangel and part-time tour guide Michael.
>        My theory (for the little that it is worth) is that the
>        PSEUDOAPOSTOLOI in Corinth were claiming they had been
>        on a tour so Paul hit back with a description of his
>        own vision 14 years previously. But the whole passage
>        is so laced with sarcasm it is not easy to untangle.
>        By the way I just love the way NIV renders TWN hUPERLIAN
>        APOSTOLOWN in 11:5 as "Superapostles". Very cool.
>        I'll dig out the Apoc Moses quote and post it.
>        Cheers
>        Steven
>        PS: hARPAZW doesn't imply height does it? That would be
>        be *AN*ARPAZW TOIS ONUXIN as in Aristophanes' Vespae 17.
>At 21:03 98/06/12 -0500, Eric Weiss wrote:
>>In a book I read recently the author states (referring to Paul's
>>statement in II Corinthians 12:2 about being caught up to the third
>>heaven - hARPAGENTA ... hEWS TRITOU OURANOU) that "the first heaven was
>>before the fall of man," "the second heaven is the spiritual realm
>>during the reign of evil upon the earth" (i.e., now), and "the third
>>heaven is when the love and domain of the Father will again prevail over
>>the earth through the King."
>>I had always interpreted Paul's statement to mean third in terms of
>>levels or heights - or even to mean (hyperbole) "the heaven of heavens"
>>- but I had NEVER interpreted it to mean third in terms of time. I'd
>>think that the verb hARPAZW (in 12:2 a participle, but in 12:4 the
>>simple indicative - hHRPAGH EIS TON PARADEISON) followed first by hEWS
>>then EIS  would seem to support that the apostle was taken up to the
>>LEVEL of "the third heaven" rather than taken FORWARD IN TIME to the
>>time of (or to see the time of) "the third heaven" (even if Paul was
>>"snatched/caught away in a vision or trance" to see future things).
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