Traveling Greeks (was SBL in Poland)

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Sat Jun 13 04:02:24 EDT 1998

In a message dated 10/06/98 12:11:21 GMT, Jonathan wrote:

> I wonder if we should set up some way for traveling Greeks to meet other
>  Greeks in the areas they travel to. I travel quite a bit (anybody out there
>  from Seattle?), and would be interested in meeting folks in various cities.
>  I assume there are others in the same boat, or who would just like to meet
>  folks who are passing through.
>  Would this make sense? How many people would be interested? How should
>  something like this be set up?
>  Jonathan

Dear B-Greekers,

If anyone finds themselves in the UK in the Hertfordshire or NW London area
and in need of advice or a friendly contact, feel free to give me a call;
hoever I am away on business fairly frequently (Cyprus, Gibraltar and the
Falkland Islands if there are any B-Greekers lurking there?).

Mike Beazley,
Bushey, Hertfordshire, UK
Work: 01923-846834
Home: 0181-950-4059

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