Help! on the accusative in Luke 5:38

Randy LEEDY Rleedy at
Wed Dec 30 08:49:28 EST 1998

I think a variety of reference works have pretty well bailed me out on
this one (the nature of the construction OINON NEON EIS ASKOUS KAINOUS
BLHTEON). When I got home yesterday, I checked my NEW LINGUISTIC AND
EXEGETICAL KEY and got a pointer to Moulton's PROLEGOMENA, which, when
I consulted this morning in the Library, proved very helpful. (Thanks,
Cleon!) Also, in addition to Smyth (sorry about spelling it "Smythe"
yesterday--there's a street near our church with that spelling, and
I'm always getting the grammarian's name wrong), William Goodwin's
grammar was very helpful.

It's a helpfully humbling experience for someone who THINKS he's
pretty well up on his Greek grammar to come across something brand new
that he's never, ever noticed before and to work his way back out of
his befuddlement, with the help of competent guides. It recalls some
of the experiences of third-year Greek, and the learning is great fun.

In love to God and neighbor,
Randy Leedy
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC
RLeedy at

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