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>Hi everyone!
>  As a new member of b-greek, I have decided to introduce myself.  I am 
>14 years old, live in Australia and attend a Christian school called 
>Covenant College.  I started learning Greek in my spare time last 
>August, in the knowledge that one day I will have a chance to use it to 
>translate the Bible into another language.  Of course, I haven't come 
>very far yet, but I joined the b-greek list in the hope that I could 
>find out what sort of problem's I'm likely to run into while doing 
>translation work and at the same time, teach me things I may not find in 
>any ordinary text-book.

Well Welcome!!!  Good for you!  Any time you have a question- ask it.  Any
time you have a comment, make it!  I for one am thrilled to know that some
young people are interested in more than video games and t.v.

Best wishes,


>Yours as His Bondservant,
>Selina Purcell
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