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Wed Dec 16 01:12:40 EST 1998

>>Paul Sue wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Can't remember where I read this, but can anyone
>>> confirm that Bauer's lexicon and Blass-Debrunner's
>>> Grammar are both in the process of being revised?
>>> Does anyone have any publication dates?
And at 11:24 AM -0800 12/11/98, Jeffrey B. Gibson responded:
>>Don't know anything about a revision of BDF Grammar but F. Danker told
>>me personally at SBL that the latest ed. of BAGD is to be looked for in
>>June of 1999.

Then, at 5:01 PM -0000 12/11/98, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>Micheal Palmer is the one to respond more precisely to the other half of
>the question, but I can tell you that Micheal is a member of a team headed
>up by Daryl Schmidt to write a new grammar for Hellenistic Greek and early
>Christian Literature--one that, assuming it is successful, would probably
>supplant BDF. . . .
>I don't know whether Micheal can say anything more or not, but I hope so,
>since this is clearly a matter of interest and of major importance to all
>of us who care at all about the Greek Bible.

Yes. I can say more. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I'm in
the middle of grading final exams.

The new BDF project has been underway for several years and I see no end in
sight for the next two or three at least. That's because the project is
massive. We have undertaken to rewrite the entire grammar rather than
simply revise the current edition. This means rethinking the organization
of the material to make it more user-friendly, rechecking all references to
manuscripts and documents outside the NT, incorporating insights from more
recent exegetical and linguistic studies where they are relevant for
explaining the grammar, and reading an enormous number of Greek texts from
the early Christian community as well as the wider hellenistic Greek world
for evidence relevant to a full treatment of the grammar reflected in the
New Testament documents.

As Carl mentioned, some information about this project used to be available
on James Tauber's website. If there is sufficient interest, I could repost
some of that information on the Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway (URL
in the footer below).

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