1 John 1:9

Jim Beale beale at uconect.net
Tue Dec 1 06:13:54 EST 1998

At 5:54 AM -0500 12/1/98, Mary L B Pendergraft wrote:

>But I urge a second  look:  The EAN-clause is indeed a present 
>subjunctive, but the apodosis is the clause that follows immediately:  
>PISTOS ESTIN, present indicative.  This is a present general condition 
>and a separate thing from the hINA clause.

So it is.  So much for late-night Greek. :-(
Thanks.  My whole post was totally absurd. :-(


 A mystery is a problem which encroaches upon its own data, invading 
 them, as it were, and thereby transcending itself as a simple problem.
 (Gabriel Marcel, On the Ontological Mystery)

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