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Quarta Janeiro 26 11:08:07 EST 2011

Boa tarde pessoal,

Estamos com vaga aberta para Interaction Designer no centro de Pesquisa e
Desenvolvimento da HP em Porto Alegre-RS. Quem tiver interesse pode acessar
www.jobs.hp.com e procurar pela vaga 562526.
Abaixo um descritivo do perfil desejado:

*Experienced Interaction Designer *


HP is at the forefront of a revolution in how the World shares information,
how we make sense of the ever expanding web and how we drive towards a
greener tomorrow. We are always looking at how to provide our customers an
unrivalled experience regardless whether they are enterprise users or

To achieve this, we are recruiting a critical thinker with a good design
sense, a strong technical background, and an eye for making things better
and the desire to have your work impacting millions of people.

*Primary Responsibilities:*

·         Deliver solutions that meet users’ social, emotional and
functional needs.

·         Define and execute design and persona research projects

·         Synthesize and incorporate research findings into insights;
frameworks and principles that fully-inform the overall design process.

·         Communicate research findings thru the organization.

·         Develop and propose alternative product or solution ideas based on
research findings.

·         Contribute on program and product-line research.

·         Conduct usability testing and research thru the design and
development lifecycle.

·         Communicate test findings thru the organization.

·         Model users and their work to create optimum user experiences.

·         Develop use cases and define user experience requirements for new
product development and play a strategic role in product lifecycle planning.

·         Develop high level and/or detailed storyboards, mockups and
prototypes to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas.

·         Define, manage and execute prototype development, as required.

·         Contribute to the development and use of design tools and
processes to improve our organizational effectiveness.

·         Facilitate decisions across functional levels that ensure the
delivery of the User Experience already defined.

·         Influence product strategy and direction collaborating with R&D


·         Solid academic background in human-computer interaction or related
field (BS or MS in Computer Science or related field is a big plus).

·         3+ years experience working in similar design disciplines,
preferably in Experience Design.

·         Broad understanding of Human Factors principles, theories,
concepts and techniques.

·         Expertise in user research, interaction design, information
architectures and user-centered design.

·         Proven track of record of developing user experiences, deploying
and tracking them.

·         Proven track of record of turning research results into actionable
design deliverables, including wireframes, visual mock-ups, graphics and
user workflows.

·         Strong technical aptitude to understand technological challenges
of some of the products and work successfully with highly technical product

·         Ability to juggle multiple projects and shift on demand.

·         Passion for continually raising the bar and inspiring the team.

·         Great internal and external team collaboration.

·         Excellent collaborative, verbal and written communication skills.

·         Demonstrated problem-solving abilities.

·         Able to work with collaborative design teams, providing a high
level of delivery and positive user experiences.

·         Must have strong written and verbal English communication skills.

·         Ability to convert design goals into development specs.

·         Ability to set the right criteria in order to guide development
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