[acawiki-general] summary reuse

Chitu Okoli Chitu.Okoli at concordia.ca
Wed Feb 20 14:54:29 EST 2013

Hi everyone,

I first posted here a year ago, and I've been silently listening since 
then. However, Joniand Mike's posts  highlight what I have always 
considered a major irony of AcaWiki, which I suspect limits its 
tremendous potential. I offer this as (hopefully) constructive criticism.

It is my understanding that Wikimedia can legally copy and modify 
summaries from AcaWiki (CC-BY), but AcaWiki cannot legally copy the 
summaries found on Wikimedia pages (CC-BY-SA). In fact, the article that 
Joni linked to says, "Most of this summary originates in the one posted 
implies that AcaWiki cannot benefit from the modified summary that 
originated from AcaWiki. Isn't this ironic?

So, you have four excellent summaries of articles, legally free, and 
ready to copy-and-paste into AcaWiki (the other four summaries on that 
Wikimedia page), but this is not possible for reasons of license 
incompatibility. And please note that this incompatibility is only one 
way, in the wrong direction for AcaWiki. Thus, Mike generously offers to 
rewrite fresh new summaries. Isn't this ironic?

In fact, I believe literally hundreds of articles are in the same 
situation scattered across the Web (that is, available CC-BY-SA, and 
thus unavailable to AcaWiki). Might this not suggest a compelling reason 
to switch the AcaWiki license to CC-BY-SA? I think such a change might 
provide a tremendous boost and much-needed boost towards better 
realizing the huge potential that I believe AcaWiki has.


Chitu Okoli
Associate Professor in Information Systems
John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Montréal

Professeur invité dans technologies d'information
HEC Montréal, 2012 à 2013


> Mike Linksvayer <mailto:ml at gondwanaland.com>
> 20 février 2013 14:47
> Updated home page news with this.
> I'm going to read all 5 soon so that I can vote, and will summarize.
> But I'd prefer to improve other people's summaries. :)
> Mike
> _______________________________________________
> On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 9:22 AM, Jodi Schneider<jschneider at pobox.com>  wrote:
>> Glad to see an acawiki summary getting reuse to summarize one of the
>> articles in a Wikipedia competition:
>> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:Wikimedia_France_Research_Award/nominated_papers
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