[acawiki-general] SOPA/RWA "blackout"?

Mike Linksvayer ml at gondwanaland.com
Sun Jan 15 21:37:20 EST 2012

A bunch of sites are doing some form of blackout or soft blackout
(interstitial) on Wednesday (Jan 18) against SOPA. enwp mockups at

It'd be nice if acawiki could join in, and even nicer if it also
promoted opposition to
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Research_Works_Act which would make it
harder (ie $$$) for people not at rich universities to access primary
research in order to summarize.

I don't know that anyone has done a slick contact-all-relevant page
for RWA -- http://www.taxpayeraccess.org/action/action_access/12-0106.shtml
may be closest, good to link to if there isn't anything better.

I will put some possible text and options for display on
http://acawiki.org/AcaWiki:SOPA-RWA in a few minutes.


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