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Mon Apr 25 15:01:21 EDT 2011

Of possible interest -- another conversation about AcaWiki on wiki-research-l.

:) -J

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Subject: [Wiki-research-l] Student Summaries?
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I have recently been toying with the idea of having (undergraduate)
students post reading summaries to a wiki, and the recent discussion
on AcaWiki on this list leads me to post it here, though I can
appreciate the argument that it is off topic.

So the idea is that students would do their normal reading responses,
and then as part of a project work together with students who happened
to do responses on the same paper to create an appropriate summary

Before getting to particulars, is there some other venue where this
discussion would be more appropriate?

Joseph Reagle                    http://reagle.org/joseph/
(Perhaps using speech recognition, sorry for any speakos.)

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