[acawiki-general] pages without summaries?

Jodi Schneider jschneider at pobox.com
Wed Apr 13 10:35:59 EDT 2011

What should we do about wiki pages without summaries? A few months ago, I
generated a list by hand, and found about 80 of them [1].

Today the number of them has increased; over the past 2 days, a new user has
added bibliographic info (but no summaries) for about 50 articles from a
journal [2] via BibTeX import.

Should we be auto-tagging articles (e.g. "needs summary") and generating a
list of them? Should bibliographic info be moved to a subspace or deleted
after a certain amount of time, to make it easier to find the "actual"


[1] http://acawiki.org/AcaWiki:Last_call
[2] http://pkukmweb.ukm.my/e-bangi/
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