[acawiki-general] [Wiki-research-l] Action plan for AcaWiki hosting change

Jon Phillips jon at fabricatorz.com
Fri Apr 29 13:51:21 EDT 2011

On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 10:58 AM, Reid Priedhorsky <reid at reidster.net> wrote:
> On 4/28/11 7:33 PM, Erik Moeller wrote:
>> Hi Jon,
>> we're not ready to do this right now -- I suggest either staying with
>> CC hosting or transitioning to Referata until we are (if you still
>> want to move at that point). I'm happy to restart these conversations
>> mid-August as we begin to get more serious about our labs effort. I
>> targeted end of 2011 for a migration for a reason -- I do think
>> Acawiki needs stable/performant hosting, and it needs to develop a
>> real community, before we can move it over, and we need to have our
>> ducks in a row to ensure a smooth transition.
> Given that, I reinstate my plan to being the Referata process.
> As an example of my worries with the current hosting situation, here are
> a couple of new observations from the past few days:
> 1. The clock on AcaWiki is wrong by around 5 minutes.

This is fixed now by CC sysadmin. NTP is tested and made sure to run.
Please file if you see anything like this again.

> 2. There is a Bugzilla bug saying that AcaWiki is running a version of
> SMW with known security vulnerabilities
> (https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28661). It is a week old
> and has generated no interest from people who can fix it (or even anyone
> in the AW community, for that matter).

Nathan from CC also upgraded SMW on that machine from 1.5 to 1.5.6, which is the
latest stable version.


> These are basic issues, and rather than chasing basic issues like these
> at CC, I would prefer to move somewhere else forthwith and worry about
> higher-level things.

Sure, well, they have to be resolved somewhere.

> I did receive a private e-mail from Angela Beesley at Wikia encouraging
> us to host there (which I replied to). I still feel this is unworkable
> due to Wikia's poor track record of letting wikis go elsewhere (we need
> to be free to change arbitrarily, since the WMF plan may not work out
> for whatever reason and circumstances may change arbitrarily). Also, I
> feel we have sufficient donation power to avoid ads on the pages.
> However, I'm happy to have this conversation.
> Reid
> p.s. I see the CC list is growing and growing - I have no idea whether
> any of these people are subscribed to the lists, and so I don't feel
> that I can trim it. I do apologize for duplicate and/or unwanted e-mail,
> and I'll respect any requests to be removed from the CC list.

Great, lets move to acawiki and drop people who are far too busy to be
annoyed with us ;)

Great Reid. Lets keep hosting at CC. I talked with the admins there,
and they resolved these issues. We have a great relationship with CC,
and there is no reason to change hosting at present as long as things
are getting done. Still best course is to keep site stable for
development, and work with WMF to transition there when possible and
so we just keep focusing on growing usage and development.

Do you have access enough on acawiki to add the features you want
and/or please file for what you need? We need to start tracking plans
for new features on acawiki itself, but this is an issue for acawiki
list. Ok, lets move discussion to acawiki to figure out best way to
track new features.


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