[acawiki-general] Action plan for AcaWiki hosting change

Reid Priedhorsky reid at reidster.net
Fri Apr 29 12:00:59 EDT 2011

On 4/26/11 4:45 PM, Jon Phillips wrote:
>> First, the current AcaWiki skin is not so good. For the reasons I've
>> mentioned earlier, I believe this negatively impacts our ability to grow the
>> community.
> Great, Fabricatorz is making a new theme. We will try to be as
> transparent as possible about this...ideas and thoughts on this super
> valuable!

My take, based on prior discussion, is that the consensus is that we 
just want to use the Vector theme and don't want to mess with designing 
a custom theme and keeping it up to date.

>> The reason I feel urgency is this: I'm itching to start work on the
>> annotated bibliography of wiki research we've been discussing on
>> wiki-research-l (which would quadruple the number of summaries in AcaWiki),
>> and I'm uncomfortable doing so with these two problems unsolved (or, at
>> least, without a concrete plan for solving them and a credible, short
>> timeline).
> I understand. I'm on this. Don't you worry :)
> Best thing next imo is to file a bug about this and spec out your plan
> and what it will take. Sounds like some development needed. Ideal if
> you can do everything with the current setup and not need ssh access.

See prior e-mails for my proposal. I'm happy to do the needed dev work, 
and no it wouldn't need ssh access.


I work for IBM, and sending this e-mail might be part of my job.
However, I speak for myself only, not the company.

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