[acawiki-general] Action plan for AcaWiki hosting change

Reid Priedhorsky reid at reidster.net
Tue Apr 26 16:26:46 EDT 2011

On 4/26/11 4:06 PM, Jon Phillips wrote:
> Hi Reid, thanks for the detailed discussion. Our best course of action
> is to transition to the virtualized setup at wikimedia foundation to
> minimize steps.
> There is no reason to transition twice if we can move to WMF
> infrastructure soon. There is no burning fire on CC hosting.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the reply! An implicit purpose for my proposal was to light a 
fire under people, and that seems to have been successful.

I see two problems with the current setup which feel urgent to me.

First, the current AcaWiki skin is not so good. For the reasons I've 
mentioned earlier, I believe this negatively impacts our ability to grow 
the community.

Second, I am concerned about the reliability of the current hosting. For 
one, people have had difficulty getting problems resolved recently. This 
concern is shared with others - I know at least one person who is making 
regular dumps of AcaWiki because he does not have confidence in the 
backup plan (or, there isn't one).

Moving from CC to an intermediate provider would solve both these 
problems. However, I agree that one move is better than two - I'm happy 
to discuss other solutions as well.

The reason I feel urgency is this: I'm itching to start work on the 
annotated bibliography of wiki research we've been discussing on 
wiki-research-l (which would quadruple the number of summaries in 
AcaWiki), and I'm uncomfortable doing so with these two problems 
unsolved (or, at least, without a concrete plan for solving them and a 
credible, short timeline).

One scenario I would like to avoid is the move to WMF being "real soon 
now" for a long time, as that's a common issue with such moves. But, we 
could be on Referata within a few weeks easily.


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