[acawiki-general] Action plan for AcaWiki hosting change (was: Proposal: new hosting for AcaWiki)

Jon Phillips jon at fabricatorz.com
Tue Apr 26 16:06:46 EDT 2011

Hi Reid, thanks for the detailed discussion. Our best course of action
is to transition to the virtualized setup at wikimedia foundation to
minimize steps.

There is no reason to transition twice if we can move to WMF
infrastructure soon. There is no burning fire on CC hosting.

However, I need to talk more with our wikimedia foundation brethren about this.

Lets get more information before making more decisions on this one.

Please don't create any infrastructure right now. Our ideal solution
is to of course keep SMW and move directly to WMF virtualization
container and work through that with them. We already moved our bug
tracking to wikimedia bugzilla, so that is all on track.

I have to go to San Francisco next week so Danese, Brion and Erik, can
I get a slot in relevant schedules to move this forward faster :) Ping
me offlist for those detalis.

Thanks Reid for keeping on this! All, I am moving our next few month
fabricatorz/acawiki plan to the bug tracker today/tomorrow. Apologies
for too many emails ;) (which is a good thing, really)


Jon Phillips
chat/skype: kidproto | irc: rejon
+1.415.830.3884 (global) | +1-510-499-0894 (sf)
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