[acawiki-general] Proposal: new hosting for AcaWiki

Reid Priedhorsky reid at reidster.net
Sat Apr 2 13:53:31 EDT 2011

On 4/2/11 5:59 AM, Jodi Schneider wrote:
> Yes--keeping the domain name is important. Otherwise, we break all
> links, and alienate existing users -- many of whom do not read these
> lists, and who may check the site infrequently. Since we're a nonprofit,
> we should ask about a discounted price.

OK, that makes sense. I am happy to make the inquiry later in the month, 
or someone else could do it sooner.

> Further, we might want to change hosting again sometime in the future
> (for instance if Referata went away or significantly changed).
> I see that "Referata offers hosting of semantic wikis" but I hadn't
> heard of it before, though WikiWorks is well-known. What's your
> connection with Referata, and how stable are they? It appears that
> hosting is funded by the fees, with the free hosting just coming along
> for the ride...

No connection. I suggest it for three reasons:

1. It's a concrete proposal for folks to respond to.

2. Yaron is apparently one of the principals of Semantic MediaWiki and 
thus invested in the MW/SMW community.

3. The only alternative I found in some brief searching was Wikia, which 
seemed less desirable because leaving Wikia seems to be hard (people 
report that they leave your wiki up even if you move somewhere else and 
ask for it to be turned off) and because they would put ads on it.

I'm happy to chip in on funding if needed.

> No--the existing skin needs improvement. Is there info about the default
> Refarata skin?

I did not check. They do seem to have the Vector skin available (that's 
the new one that Wikipedia uses, right?).

> It's great to have your offer of help for the transition. But one
> challenge is ongoing technical leadership. I'd like some clarification
> from Referata about what is included in hosting. Any volunteers for
> technical administration would be welcome, too!

Does this answer your questions?


I've proposed the "Ad-supported" ($50/mo list) and "Enterprise" ($80/mo) 
service levels. My take on ad-supported means that we could put our own 
ads on it if we want, but they don't put any of theirs, but that's 
something to clarify certainly.

I'm happy to be on top of technical issues and liaise with the vendor on 
getting stuff fixed, on a best effort basis (i.e., no guarantees of 
response time, no action if I'm on vacation, etc.). I have no interest 
in hacking LocalSettings.php, etc., but it looks like the vendor would 
take care of that.

I'm also happy to do the import/export tasks I proposed earlier.


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