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Hi Christopher:

Thanks for your comments. It is great to see the issue from another perspective.

I understand the desire to increase individual memberships, but I suspect some of the current IT committee members are institutional representatives.

I believe it would benefit the AABGA if we could access the knowledge and expertise from a number of institutional members in the Information Technology field. The people that come to mind typically attend technology related conferences. It is that level of expertise that I would like to make more widely available within the organization - to the benefit of all of the members, regardless of their membership category.

In my case, and I suspect in others, things get complicated. I am an individual member of AABGA (pay membership dues out of my pocket) yet I checked up the chain of command before I committed to serving the organization in any capacity that used either my work time or institutional resources. That approval was provided before I accepted the role of IT committee chairman. Part of my chair duties are taken care of from home and part of them from work.

It is a complicated issue. One approach might be to create a viable listserve and then determine if marketing it to a select audience is feasible.

What do you think?

Boyce Tankersley
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My feeling, Boyce, is that this should be a benefit of individual membership.  We are actively trying to increase the participation of individuals in AABGA, rather than see them take advantage of their institution's membership.  What would be the point of being an individual member?


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Thank you all for your insight and suggestions. I believe the consensus is that membership be limited to AABGA members. 
I hope I am correct to interprete members to include individual members or staff of institutions that belong to AABGA. Any comments or suggestions?
How do we want to handle questions on the listserve?
My personal preference is to encourage an open forum for discussion, based loosely on that used by AABGACOL, the plant collections listserve administered by Frank Telewski.
Other forums that I participate in are a bit more time intensive, with Topic of the Week discussions planned well in advance and the active support of many of the listserve members. Frankly, my work schedule precludes this level of activity. Having said that, if a committee member would like to take this on I would help out where I could.
I also would like us to consider taking referrals from the Resource Center. I spoke briefly with Sharon Lee yesterday about a different matter but the subject of the age of the materials in the Resource Center did come up. Thoughts, comments?
Many thanks,
Boyce Tankersley
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Hello, all:
Logically, list service to AABGA members is a wonderful incentive and honor, and I recommend this option. And, if the management and oversight of an on-line forum application is not too cumbersome, then I wholeheartedly agree with this option as well.
Cheers, Stephen Brueggerhoff.
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Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
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Richard et al, 
I agree that the list serv could be a member benefit/service.
I do think it should be open to all members of aabga, though, not just restricted to committee business.
As I mentioned earlier, we are in the process of developing an online forum application that might be useful for 'closed' committee business--the nitty gritty stuff of our committee.


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Hi Anu, 
Thanks for copying me on this. As we move the AABGA forward to becoming a more important player in peoples professional development, it is important that we also offer opportunities for people to feel compelled to support their professional organization. It is my hope that we can use important programs, like listservs, as member benefits. In the short term it would help drive membership in AABGA, in the long term with a larger membership base, the association would be in a much better position to provide additional programs and  resources to support our profession and institutions. What do you think?

Richard V. Piacentini
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>>> <Anubloom at> 04/10/03 12:40PM >>>
Boyce, thanks for setting this up!

I think it would be most helpful to have this opened up to anyone interested 
in the use of technology wihting bot gds.  We are in the process of putting a 
closed forum together and could possibly use that for committee business 
(smaller group of folks, presumably not everyone is interested in our 

I'd like to use this listserv pretty much like the collections committee uses 
theirs...anyone interested signs up and sends messages.  It will be a 
wonderful tool for the IT committee to figure out sessions, interest in 
projects, focus on what actions to recommend, etc.

Those are my thoughts,
Ms Anukriti Sud
Executive Director
Bloom: Networking for the Web of Life 

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How do we want to use this tool? Do we want to reserve it strictly for 
committee business or do we want to open up membership to the listserve to 
any AABGA institutional or individual member with an interest in the use of 
technology within botanic gardens and arboreta? >>
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