[SM-Discuss] Sorcery test/stable

Chris Dombroski cdombroski at gambit.gotdns.org
Wed Apr 13 07:39:13 EDT 2005

Andrew Stitt wrote:

>Its been a week since any bugs have come in with test sorcery and for the
>most part the previous few weeks before that were uneventful. Barring
>something major coming up tomorrow, Stable Sorcery 1.12.0 will be
>In other words, now is your last chance to derail the train :-)
>Im /sure/ that someone will update stable after the release and find
>a problem, dont let that happen to you, you can test test sorcery out
>now while we have a chance to (quickly) fix it. Dont hesitate. The fate
>of stable sorcery rests in your hands.
>Okay, enough shaking the please-test-sorcery tree.
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Ok , fine. After a new install test sorcery runs into problems creating 
temporary directories due to the permissions of /tmp /tmp is sgid after 
installation and causes temporary sorcery directories to not match the 
permissions sorcery thinks they should have.

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