[permaculture] soil minerals

Koreen Brennan cory8570 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 8 07:00:29 EST 2013

One other note, the tomatoes and kale that I've used minerals with have a complex, rich and delicious flavor that I don't detect in plants grown without the minerals.  You may be familiar with high Brix. 



This is way more complicated than I want to get with plants. My approach (like most I know) is to get all the elements in there for live soil and rich microbial life and let nature sort it out. But I really appreciate Elaine Ingram being there and breaking down the chemistry, and I keep an eye on other approaches like this one too. My biggest objection to the last article especially is that he gives people the impression that you need chemicals, as the only way to control elements enough to attain peak results.  
Koreen Brennan


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