[permaculture] The Permaculture saying, "Prepare for Disaster" and the mo...

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I think it could, Larry. 
I also think dry ice could compromise the container strength if in direct contact with the container wall for very long. Maybe not instantly, but over time.
Just like vacuum sealing a 5-gal bucket itself directly, instead of a 5-gal mylar bag inside of it; may not collapse it right away, but after awhile it probably will...Especially if other things are stacked on top of it.

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On 10/31/2011 3:22 PM, georg parlow wrote:

> I have  question here:
> Why not put it on the bottom of the empty can and then pour the grain
> or beans on it?
> For my imagination it would make a lot more sense to put the dry ice
> in there first and then fill the grain on top - thus the expanding CO2
> really drives out all air. I imagine, that if put on top part of the
> air might stay trapped on the bottom of the container, so grain-borne
> bugs could still feast for a while till they use up the oxygen (no
> idea how long this would take).

This sounds like the best way but unless some food-grade
insulating barrier were put on top of the dry ice then beans or grain in 
direct contact with it might get "freezer burn" causing rot and eventual 
contamination of the whole container of dried food. Could this happen?
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