[permaculture] The soil is an animal...

rafter sass rafter at liberationecology.org
Fri Jul 30 17:03:58 EDT 2010

...that is everywhere a mouth - and fungi are the teeth!

That's a line I use when I'm teaching about mushrooms.

It's a pretty sweet line, right?
I just thought I would go ahead and claim it, in public. ;)

It's turning up in the videos and powerpoints of a prominent 
Pc teacher, who heard me say it in May 2007 when I guest
taught at his PDC course.

I'm just a small fry Pc teacher after all, carving out my own modest niche.
And that's a sweet tag line! Don't worry, I won't try and retroactively copyright it.
We all know how that goes down... ;)

Feel free to ignore this. 

all the best,

rafter sass
Liberation Ecology Project
skype: raughter

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