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Nicholas Roberts, Permaculture.coop permaculturecoop at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 00:26:50 EDT 2010

hi all

I have upgraded Permaculture TV and placed it within a blog hosting

I am trialling a new blog server, a Permaculture BLOGs free cooperative

this forms a social network like Facebook, Ning, WiserEarth etc within the
namespace permaculture.coop (our soon to be registered cooperative)

you can register and create a blog (conditional on some yet to be decided
common-sense business rules i.e. nothing illegal, immoral, no massive loads)

register for an account

if you do register and I approve the blog, you can do most of the things a
Wordpress site can do i.e .create/edit pages, posts, themes, social media
integration (Facebook/Twitter), embed video, upload images and audio etc

nowadays Ning is charging money and WiserEarth is struggling (according to
information I have from anonymous WiserEarth officials) so it makes sense to
explore other arrangements and business models.. Ning and WiserEarth host
many of the permaculture and transition community

for the technical, the website is running Wordpress 3.0 with multisite
options, with the BuddyPress social networking plugins

be warned this is a BETA service and is provided as is, with no warranty or
guarentees, its subject to changes and editing at my discretion

am looking at also creating a Transition Cooperative server too, within the
Transition.coop namespace, more on that soon

let me know what you think



Nicholas Roberts & Kirstie Stramler

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USA 310 598 2989

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