[permaculture] Compost Riddle..

michael judd michael at projectbonafide.com
Fri Nov 20 11:26:59 EST 2009

Fellow Permaculturists,

I have a compost toilet riddle that needs a little collective design input in support of our brothers and sisters down in Nicaragua. As part of two upcoming service and ecology trips Project Bona Fide is heading up we are going to build a multi chambered compost toilet at Mano Amiga community center on Ometepe Island. 

The outline of the toilet design is: two chambers for good 'ol #2 and an additional section as a urinal. Now, the latter is the crux of the design challenge as manual collection is not an option nor is an managed mix of #1 &#2. Thus the riddle..

Hoping that some of you have come across or built unique solutions.

Michael Judd

Founder, Co-Director

Project Bona Fide




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