[permaculture] The DM posting (was: Information monopoly)

Juergen Botz jurgen at botz.org
Mon Nov 16 05:14:11 EST 2009

I would like to say here that I in no way condone the posting of the
DM without permission of the copyright holders.  I am opposed to
information monoplies in general and "intellectual property" laws
as they are today specifically, but what I'm promoting is changing
the laws, not breaking them.

However, I would suggest that if Tagari / Bill Mollison made an
electronic copy of the DM freely available under a Creative Commons
non-commercial use license, they would benefit society and would
probably end up selling MORE paper copies in the long run.  The DM
is quite unwieldy for on-screen reading and most people who can
afford it would like to have a paper copy as well.  Those who
cannot afford it would never have bought it, so no sales are lost
to them.  A few sales might be lost in the short run to people who
are just curious, but the greater exposure would soon compensate
for that.


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