[permaculture] Dogs in the Design

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Yes, I have 3 "biodegradable" spoons that are indestructible and in use many months for hot & cold, thanks for the "year" testing info, helps me to be more determined not to buy "to go" cups etc, but to carry my own


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.....If they can biodegrade it may not be in my lifetime and I do not feel like waiting those hundreds of years for it to happen. Like mom used to say "Garbage in. Garbage out." Follow the links back to the plastics manufacturers and what you'll find is a whole lotta bull backed by 14th Amendment "people" such as Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill, Dow, and Monsanto.When you get to the process links and read the chemistry there it will be:petrochemical plastics.              Bryce Ruddock

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