[permaculture] thornless honey locust propagation

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I've had the opposite experience.  I have 3rd generation honey locust,
each generation grown from seed & everything has remained thornless
(but they do sucker..)  I'm wondering if maybe there are environmental
factors that would cause them to revert?  Stress, fertility, etc


On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 9:41 PM, Keith D Johnson <keithdj at mindspring.com> wrote:
> I purchased seed for thornless honey locust from Lawyer Nursery and about half of them eventually proved to yield thorny plants.
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>>Hey John!
>>I think that thornless honey locust do not breed true.  I also am interested
>>in them and gather and feed the pods, primarily to my Jersey cow.  My
>>thoughts, thinking about planting some for fodder use, on a small acreage,
>>is to just go up on the hill where they seed into the pasture and dig up the
>>thornless ones and transplant.  I know they will transplant because I dug
>>some up and heeled them in my garden for later transplanting.  they grew
>>well in the garden!  They seed into the pastures all over here, and probably
>>there as well.  Easy to tell thorny from thornless.
>>Lisa, in the MO Ozarks
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>>I have some thornless honey locut seed in stratification after having
>>scarified them, only to come across some information that these trees can
>>revert back to a thorn producing variety in their seed. I am interested in
>>these trees for sentimental reasons...a specimen was the biggest, most shade
>>producing tree in my childhood Chicago backyard. But also, I am interested
>>in the tree as a fodder and fuel crop. They produce seed pods and branches
>>that goats will eat, and also can be used as a coppice species.
>>My question: Does anyone have any experience with this species, in
>>particular its' potential to revert back to a thorn bearing variety in its'
>>John Fritz, NW Arkansas.
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