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Must-know terms for the 21st
Century intellectual: Redux
Sentient Developments Jan. 11, 2007
George P. Dvorsky has created a
list of the most fundamental and
crucial terms that re-define the
human condition and should be known
by any expert generalist. They
include Accelerating Change,
Anthropic Principle, Artificial
General Intelligence, Augmented
Reality, Cosmological Eschatology,
Engineered Negligible Senescence,
Mind Transfer...

Laser-induced explosion of gold
nanoparticles: potential role for
nanophotothermolysis of cancer
Future Medicine December 2006
Researchers have used laser-induced
explosion of absorbing nanoparticles
in selective nanophotothermolysis of
cancer. This is realized through
fast overheating of a strongly
absorbing target during a short
laser pulse. The resulting explosion
of nanoparticles may be accompanied
by optical plasma and shock waves
with supersonic expansion and...

A Better Artificial Skin
Technology Review Jan. 12, 2007
University of Cincinnati scientists
have grown artificial skin cells,
using collagen scaffolds. They could
ultimately produce a type of
artificial skin that can sweat, tan,
and fight off infection more

Shrinking telomeres linked to heart
NewScientist.com news service Jan. 12, 2007
People who go on to have heart
attacks have much shorter telomeres
than those who remain healthy, a
major new study has shown. Telomeres
are strands of DNA that cap
chromosomes and wear away with each
cell division. Statins' ability to
protect patients from heart disease
and stroke so effectively might be
due to limiting the damage caused...

Animal-human hybrid cloning
NewScientist.com news service Jan. 11, 2007
Controversial proposals to make
embryos by merging human and animal
material remain on hold following a
decision on Thursday by the UK
regulator of embryo research. The
researchers want to use cow or
rabbit eggs as a short cut to making
cloned embryos which could yield
human embryonic stem cells. These
are vital for research into major...

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