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I trust that this greets you and all well.

Following is a note that I wrote to the Permaculture Research Institute
(PRI) Forum this morning that may be of interest as the recently
released Permaculture Plants "1983 Bill Mollison PDC" (Stanley Tasmania)
DVD of mp3's is, in my opinion, an important, if not historic release. 

There has been some criticism (juvenile and rediculous in my opinion -
but hey that's forums!) on the PRI forum of the cost and "late" release
of this DVD which will bring some context to this note. 


The recently released Permaculture Plants "1983 Bill Mollison PDC"
(Stanley Tasmania) DVD of mp3's is quite amazing. Now I don't know if
Jeff Nugent has edited this way or not but the Mollison PDC's of more
recent years (that I have attended as a student or co-teacher since
1995) have been "coloured" with more and more story and anecdote versus
content. Now this suits some (including myself) as they can read between
the lines and get something out of this. But from personal communication
with some students this reduces the experience. All students will have
similar issues with any teacher I suppose depending on the style of
learning they get the most from or from the expectations they held prior
to or take to a course. 

In any case here we have a PDC that is absolutely chock-full of
information - its really quite striking as to the HDD size of this
bloke....which anyone who has experienced the man himself would agree.
This DVD is as thick with current Permaculture Design Certificate Course
curriculum as I have seen.  Certainly with many the vernacular carries
on and will no doubt ad infinitum....

Just yesterday I was sanding away listening to the aquaculture section
and learnt more from that about aquaculture than I had from any other
course I had been along to - the same for chickens and so on and no
doubt more to come. I could say the same pretty well everything else on
this DVD that I have listened to so far. 

My only gripe is that I am now up to number 27 of 59 so I am nearly half
way and quite frankly I will want some more!!! Though that said I will
most certainly go thru the thing with a pad next time and start to
develop some new material for my own teaching.

So I too would have loved to have had this in 1993 when I did my first
PDC and subsequently went full-time as a Permaculture professional but
that's not the case so that's life - at least we have it for now. Bill
took years to write the Permaculture Designers Manual (as do many
authors!) - its funny listening to his pre-sales banter and sales
pitching throughout this DVD as part of its constant colour. 

I could go on but will say to people wholeheartedly that this tape
should be purchased along with your Holmgren and Mollison and Yeomans
etc books that you have bought so far. Forget about the cost - it is
really incidental when it comes to the value you will get from this.
Apart from that - it is a seriously long time to listen to something -
Reading the PDM took me about the same amount of time and that was
taking notes all the way. 

I would go as much to say that I have got more out of this than most of
the books in my library and I will continue to.

So thanks Jeff and I hope that the rest of your Mollison library will be
out there before too long.....

Now I just need it translated into Vietnamese and Spanish!!!


Go to http://www.permacultureplants.net/Audio/audio.htm for more
information on how order or www.permacultureplants.net for other very
useful publications available.

Yours and Growing,



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