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Tue Dec 11 14:03:06 EST 2007

My wife is starting a list serv for people who are interested in discussing the application of permaculture principles to the field of psychology (and maybe even spirituality as well).??Go to this link to join? http://groups.google.com/group/perma-psychology?hl=en, or contact her at lbuzzell at aol.com

here is her information:

Linda Buzzell, M.A., M.F.T.
Founder, International Association for Ecotherapy
Co-Editor, Ecotherapy: Psyche and Nature in a Circle of Healing
(Sierra Club Books Spring 2009)
Editor, Ecotherapy News

Permaculture Design Course graduate 2006
Santa Barbara and Los Angeles
(805) 563-2089 (310) 553-9660
lbuzzell at aol.com

"...those with psychological training may play as important a role in our collective adaptation to Peak Oil and Climate Change as energy experts and permaculturists. (They) should perhaps be gearing up to treat not only individuals but whole communities."
????Richard Heinberg, author of The Party's Over and Peak Everything


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