[permaculture] Control of Peach Tree Borer

Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
Wed Jun 8 19:15:59 EDT 2005

Is the mulch in contact with the tree trunk base? It's important to never
place mulch next to or up against the base of a tree as it can encourage
harmful insect and fungal activity. Make sure the mulch is scraped back from
the base of the tree at least 4-6 inches. Where the trees most need mulch is
around the drip-line zone where the greatest concentrations of feeder roots

On 8/6/05 11:15 PM, "Jay Woods" <woodsjay at cox.net> wrote:

> One more observation. Most of the damaged trees are planted in heavily mulched
> soil. Most of the undamaged trees are planted in unmulched soil. The garden
> beds have all kinds of nectary plants with plenty of spiders, snakes, and
> predatory insects. There are no amphibians because there are too many
> mosquitoes with pools of water left around.
> On Monday 16 May 2005 09:11, Meg Mullett wrote:
>> Jay wrote:
>>> About a fifth of my peach trees have died this winter due to trunk
>>> girdling by the borer. Are there any suggestions to minimize the damage
>>> beyond good soil, good sanitation, and good thoughts?

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