[permaculture] dehulling/dehusking oats

Wordgarden wordgarden at iinet.net.au
Sat Nov 29 19:57:51 EST 2003


Does anyone have any experience or ideas about how to dehull oats?

I'm thinking of growing some (I like to eat them and they grow well around
here) but I'm not sure how to remove the husks. I put a handful through my
benchtop rice polisher, but it powdered the whole grain (husk and all). (The
rice polisher didn't do a good job with barley either--only seems to work
with rice)

I am looking for something low-tech, hand-operated (or at most small
engine), DIY  but haven't had much luck in my trawl of the internet.

Grateful for any leads, plans or ideas.

(South-West corner of Australia)

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