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I have never heard of a climbing soybean, but did work at one time with a
tall version ( about  40 inches) which should be an excellent companion to
corn, if you are careful to let the corn get the headstart.  Adzuki beans
are excellent, there is a climbing variety, and it is quick to produce.
There is even a perennial vining one, which you can grow on fences, go out
in the morning and collect a handful for lunch whenever you feel like it...
I also like a lab-lab which we have here which is white. It is delicious as
a green  bean with herbs and butter, or as salad.  But even the red one
could be a good candidate...


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>            Hey Ya'll--
>                      Is there a climbing soybean, or a half-runner type?
> Barring such a thing, which species or cultivar of (discreetly) climbing
> legume has the highest protein content? I ask this because I would like to
> have a "better bean" to grow in a three-sisters garden with corn and
> I have heard tepiary beans are pretty high in protein-- higher than
> phaseolus vulgaris(common green bean)? If only I could find a climbing
> soybean. . .
>                     -Donahuer
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