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Dear Frank:

Thanks for your note: ways to get a permaculture checklist:

1) Most books about give their author's personal summary checklist of
principles as part of the introduction.
2) The confusion about principles arises largely because the Permaculture
Design Manual (and Mollison's Introudction to permaculture) have several
checklists, in different contexts, with considerable overlap
3) A Permaculture Design Course will take students through the principles
-- and give the best opportunity to make your own notes, and choose which
soundbites for the different principles work best for you.

Hope these are helpful

At 13:38 25/08/00 EDT, you wrote:
>Good day:)
>In a message dated 8/25/00 7:33:36 AM, jehanna at writes:
><< Nonetheless, having a handy 
>checklist of principles to test what you're doing against is better than
>operating blind. And the permaculture principles -- albeit not yet set in
>'tablets of stone' authorised canon -- are one of the best aids so far to
>getting things right. >>  Right on...but where can one find such a check 
>list! :)
>Thanks. Frank
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