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Marsha Hanzi hanzibra at svn.com.br
Tue Jun 9 15:03:22 EDT 1998

Miekal and All:

	Here in Brazil all the orange trees seem to be ill-- in various
regions  many miles apart.
	We tried intuitive contact with the trees, and got the information that
they are in fact reacting to planetary imbalances.  We are treating them
with pruning, planting of  many  companion plants and specific floral
treatments.  As these plants are now reacting to energetic imbalances in
the planet, it is becoming increasingly useful to  include energetic 
strategies in the treatment.  There is a wealth of possibilities.  I
recommend those interested in looking up Perelandra materials ( they
have a homepage)   which teaches how to access information  directly 
and how to use floral rememdies ( which we have seen to be very
effective) and materials from Viktor Schauberger. But there are many
other possibilities,  such as crystals, copper coils , radionics, etc...

Marsha Hanzi
Miekal And wrote:
> A couple observations from our local homesite.  Welcome any comments
> including others that might be having the same occurances.
> Our little town is having a tremendous spread of spittlebug, appearing
> on literally every manner of plant, tho in particular it seems to
> affects the wild growth more.  The leaves of the plants get interminably
> wrinkled.
> The second observation is that the growing tips & leaves of some plants
> such as pears, peach,  peppers, gooseberries & others are dark purple
> instead of the usual green.  Is this an indicator of increased UV?
> Also, now that our cherry trees are starting to kick in, we have an over
> abundance of robins living offa the trees.  They are not warded off by
> mirrors, seem to find their way under the bird netting (& then cant find
> their way out & I havent found a source of netting large enough & cheap
> enough to completely enclose a tree).  Any other berries or wildlife
> cover that fruits the same time as pie cherries.  I have several
> varieties of bush cherries including nanking & korean & they have barely
> set fruit.
> miekal
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