Permaculture Internship

Scott Pittman swrpi at
Thu Feb 26 21:07:23 EST 1998

>This course will primarily be taught by Skye. Skye is internationally
>known as a creative, inspiring teacher, who co-authored the "Manual for
>Teaching Permaculture Creatively": Skye now lives in Mexico, and will be
>inviting some of Permaculture teachers of Mexico to join in this
>This Certificate Course is fully endorsed by the Permaculture Institute
>of Mexico, and a certificate to this effect will be awarded.

Since you didn't mention the names of any Mexican teachers I would like to
know who they are.

I would also like to know who are the board members of the Permaculture
Institute of Mexico which I have not heard of before.

Thank you,
Scott & Arina Pittman
Permaculture Institute
PO Box 3702
Pojoaque, NM 87501

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