permaculture sites

Gil Hardwick gil at
Sun Aug 20 19:10:10 EDT 1995

>If a directory of established permaculture sites does not exist or one that 
>includes the U.S. does not exist... we should compile one.
>Look forward to comments ...

There are a lot of sites around here you should look at, although I
doubt very much that any would want them listed in a directory. Far
too much rampancy and not enough productivity, from my observations.

I am coming to wonder often these days whether we ought to include
some discussion of good ol' Okkam's Razor in every Design Course. The
MINIMUM number of elements sufficient to complete the theory, and all
that . . . 


The next person they spied was a bandicoot carrying a watermelon. At
first glance you would have thought it was merely a watermelon walking
by itself, but a second glance would have shown you that the walking
was being done by a small pair of legs attached to the watermelon, and
a third glance would have disclosed that the legs were atteched to a
bandicoot.                           Norman Lindsay, The Magic Pudding

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