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Got no idea what you're storing the apples for, but have you  
considered drying them? A dried apple is much more versatile than a  
cold-storage apple. It also takes up a lot less room and keeps a whole  
lot longer.

On May 27, 2008, at 7:56 PM, Mark Dorogi wrote:

> My understanding regarding apple storage is that you want the  
> temperature at or slightly above freezing and the humidity near  
> 100%.  I stored some last fall in the drawer in the bottom of the  
> fridge, sealed in ziplock bags to keep the moisture in.  They kept  
> quite well.
> But that was only 20 or 30 apples, so you are right.  What would I  
> do if I got 500 good apples?  Go out and get a couple used fridges?   
> Well, maybe one big fridge in the garage would work. It wouldn’t  
> have to run that much in the cool/cold weather, but it would keep  
> the apples cold during any warm spells (storage life goes down  
> rapidly as the temperature goes up).  I’m not sure if the humidity  
> level would be right, but I suppose that could be managed.
> I wondered if one of the local friendly small supermarkets had a  
> walk-in cooler where I could trade a few apples for some storage  
> space…
> Mark
> SE Michigan
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> My apple and Asian pears are totally loaded with fruit, too.  We had  
> an infestation of those nasty biting black flies from the northern  
> Wisconsin lakes this spring.  They blew in with all the Canadian  
> fronts we keep having every other day!  Plenty of honey and bumble  
> bees, too.
> I figure if I thin to one per cluster and space 6-7 inches apart,  
> I'm still going to have a huge crop, with seven antique apple  
> varieties, a Golden Delicious for universal pollen, a Pixe Crunch  
> and Honey Crisp.  Then there are two Asian pears.
> With the price of produce, I'm thinking about storage issues for  
> this bumper crop.  Both my husband and I eat an apple for lunch  
> every day, and I use them to cook, too.
> What is the best way to store apples?  Our basement never gets below  
> about 55F, even though it may be -20F outside.  The garage has two  
> walls that are common with the house and warmer.  It rarely dips  
> below 15F in the middle of garage and is about 10 degrees warmer at  
> the heated walls.  Would crates of apples with moist sand in the  
> bottom of each work?
> Any and all ideas are appreciated.
> Doreen Howard
> WI-IL Border, Zone 4b
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